About us

Headquartered in Tokyo Japan, Arysta Lifescience is a multinational corporation with a global presence in the Crop Health & Protection market. We are well-known for our innovative and entrepreneurial crop health solutions and more than three-quarters of our workforce operating in over 125 countries is directly involved in bringing new products to the market.

Arysta LifeScience Pakistan is focused on helping its customers nurture business expansion through the development, sales & marketing and distribution of high-quality crop protection pesticides and plant nutrient solutions for today’s dynamic agro, health & nutrition science marketplace. We specialize in marketing and distribution of well-respected crop protection brands and life science products in harmony with the needs of our global partners.

For almost 12 years we are involved in providing quality field promotion activities to farmers, not only providing technical knowledge for our products, but also awareness on rapidly changing environment of agriculture.

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